About Us

We are a group of talented, highly capable and driven people that believe everyone has the right to own and participate in the growing, making and distribution of healthy, nutritious and affordable food. 

To realise this goal, we have developed a three-part organisational structure. FoodCircle is the innovation company catalysing FoodVillages, while FoodLands is the trust that owns land and infrastructure for FoodVillage, which is the distributing cooperative responsible for people and operations.

Our Leadership Team

Alex Fearnside co-founder

Alex is a collaborative enterprise specialist with 25 years’ experience in environmental advocacy and executive management.

John Shone co-founder

John is a champion of the common good with a lifetime of experience in systems design and innovation.


To be announced soon

Our Timeline

In the last 24 months
We have developed and tested the FoodVillage model, raised initial capital, and achieved Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) status.
In the next 180 days
We are bringing 20 FoodBuilders and 1, 500 FoodSubscribers on board, securing additional capital and launching the first FoodVillage in Victoria.
20 FoodBuilders
1,500 FoodSusbscriber
In the next 12 to 36 months
We will finalise the first FoodVillage with 125 FoodBuilders and 5,000 FoodSubscribers and launch others across Australia.
125 FoodBuilders
5,000 FoodSusbscriber




Co-own Farm & Food

Join FoodVillage Community and learn how you can become a FoodBuilder or a FoodSubscriber and make FoodVillage a reality.

FoodVillage Community is a built on Mighty Networks, a platform that is designed to foster strong, engaged communities. It also ensures that you own and control your data.

Follow the link below to join for free.

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