Frequently Asked Questions

Do FoodBuilders and FoodSubscribers both own the farms?
Yes, FoodBuilders and FoodSubscribers both legally own a share of the farms and other infrastructure. This co-ownership is achieved through investment into FoodLands.
As a FoodBuilder, can I live on a farm with my family?
Yes, the dwellings in the FoodVillage can be designed for multiple generations to live together, from grandparents through to children.
Do FoodBuilders also receive food from the farms?
Yes, FoodBuilders also receive food and services from farms and providers in the FoodVillage system.  
How do FoodSubscribers shape decisions in the FoodVillage?
FoodSubscribers will shape the food-growing process by providing FoodBuilders with feedback on their dietary preferences for the FoodVillage system.
How do FoodBuilders make decisions in the FoodVillage?
FoodBuilders participate in decisions concerning the operations, community and running of the FoodVillage.